Growth Track

Connected People Connect With People

Connection Point is very different from church life you may be used to if you are from Southeastern Kentucky. One thing we believe in is simplicity. Instead of a church calendar full of total chaos and confusion with all kinds of programs and events, we want to connect you to a smooth and easy path to spiritual growth. We call the path the GROWTH TRACK.

Growth Track is offered every four to six weeks and is made up of four sessions or steps you can take. Growth Track is covered in two meetings in a home of one of our core leaders from Connection Point Church. The first meeting covers step one and two. The second meeting covers step three and four.

  1. Follow: Who God is; and learn about vision of Connection Point Church (CPC).
  2. Grow: Teaches four healthy habits of spiritual growth.
  3. Discover: How God has uniquely shaped you to serve others.
  4. Connect: Experience what doing life with people is like… then get connected!

Here at Connection Point Church we completely understand that we are NOT for everyone. Growth Track is a perfect place to discover whether or not CPC will be a fit for you and your family.

If you are ready to START your journey of discovering what might be your NEXT STEP please sign up for the next GROWTH TRACK below.

What are your next steps?